Welcome to the University Solutions Blog!

In the coming weeks and months we’ll offer our thoughts, opinions, ideas and observations concerning career and professional development for students in the world of higher education. If you live and work in this field, we hope you will find this blog thought provoking.

For the past five years University Solutions has been working closely with a number of university career centers to assist them in improving the preparation and placement of new graduates. It’s certainly been an exciting time for all of us as we grapple with the current challenging job market coupled with the rapid expansion of electronic recruiting and social media networking. We’ll be commenting on all these topics in future postings, so be sure to check back regularly.

We welcome your thoughts or questions as this blog is intended to generate a lively and relevant forum for advancing the important work of student career management services.


About University Solutions

Meridian University Solutions partners with Business and Professional School Administrators to deliver career coaching to their most important asset - students and alumni. We enhance existing career services through customized coaching solutions well integrated into the program. Our goal is to equip students past and present with the skills and resources to leverage their degree toward career growth upon graduation and beyond. In so doing, we assist Business and Professional Schools to differentiate themselves by delivering significant return on their students' academic investments.
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