Reinvent Career Services?

I have often asked myself, “How will the delivery of career services change over the next few years.” In the process I killed a few “sacred cows” and perhaps you have done your fair share as well. And possibly you ended your blue-sky journey with a heavy sigh and said to yourself “Well, maybe in theory anyway.”

 Innovation is the hallmark of any organization that desires to remain relevant in servicing its clients. In fact, innovation allows the organization to adapt to the ever changing environment so that its survival is assured.

 Approximately 15 years ago, Meridian Resources launched a business whose method of service delivery was counter to the accepted and preferred way used by the giants of the industry. However, now the method of delivery by the giants includes both a virtual and face-to-face platform. What Meridian did was risky but it changed the face of the outplacement industry forever.

 Think about this for a moment:

-What if there was a resource to help your career coaches actually find more time to coach which will affect your “first destination” numbers in a positive way?

-What if this resource would cost you, on average, 43% less than if you hired a full-time counselor for every 1,000 students?

-What if you paid for this resource only when it was actually servicing your students?

-What if this resource was made up of proven career management professionals that work with individual contributors and executive leaders in all industries and career types to help them find ideal career outcomes each and every day of the year?

Currently, there are several institutions of higher education using this resource right now. In fact they have been doing it for several years. Wouldn’t it be great to know what they know? Of course it would!

Essentially these colleges and universities partner with Meridian Resources to provide career services support to select student cohorts during times when the “bandwidth” of counselors is stretched thin.

Would you like to pilot this innovative option with a select number of students? We know you’ll see the value and will want to expand it to support other students in the future.

The time is now for you to lead the way and reinvent Career Services. The “what if” innovation and success  is here today and you have access to it! Visit or call me directly at 336-978-5208 to find out how we can help.

 Contributing Author: Melvin J. Scales


About University Solutions

Meridian University Solutions partners with Business and Professional School Administrators to deliver career coaching to their most important asset - students and alumni. We enhance existing career services through customized coaching solutions well integrated into the program. Our goal is to equip students past and present with the skills and resources to leverage their degree toward career growth upon graduation and beyond. In so doing, we assist Business and Professional Schools to differentiate themselves by delivering significant return on their students' academic investments.
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