Job Search During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Dear Readers,

My wife, a Human Resources management professional, has become so frustrated with her job search! And the Covid-19 outbreak did not help.

So, rather than sit on the “pity-pot”, I went on a search for the best advice on what to do now for job searchers. And not surprising the best practices mimic what would be done without a virus outbreak.  I hope you enjoy the read and the timeless guidance. And of course BE WELL!

Job Search During Covid-19 Outbreak



About University Solutions

Meridian University Solutions partners with Business and Professional School Administrators to deliver career coaching to their most important asset - students and alumni. We enhance existing career services through customized coaching solutions well integrated into the program. Our goal is to equip students past and present with the skills and resources to leverage their degree toward career growth upon graduation and beyond. In so doing, we assist Business and Professional Schools to differentiate themselves by delivering significant return on their students' academic investments.
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